Aid Stations

Please note that all of the remote and high altitude aid stations are supplied by teams of burros. Some of the higher stations on the course will require a two day walk for the attendants to reach these stations. Due to the unique and difficult nature of supplying these stations, there will not be an excessive amount of food and water available. We encourage participants to help by carrying most of their own water and energy supplements.

Chavín Trail 45k

The 45k course will have 4 aid stations. There will be two stations placed before Yanashallash Pass, one at the top of the Pass, and one more station on your way down to Chavín de Huantar.

Aid Stations.jpg

Things you will find at aid stations:

  • Water

  • Salty snacks (chips, pretzels etc.)

  • Sugary snacks (chocolate, cookies etc.)

  • Fruit (bananas, oranges etc.)

  • Sandwiches (peanut butter & jelly)

  • Soda (Coke, Inca)

  • Friendly people

Things you may not find at aid stations:

  • Pain meds. If you want ibuprofen, etc. plan to carry your own.

  • Electrolyte caps.

  • Foot care products. Many aid stations will have some items such as duct tape and moleskin. Plan your own foot care if you think you’ll need it.


Aid Station Medical

We expect you to be prepared for medical situations unique to your health history. If you have any special conditions (allergies, asthma etc.) please make us aware when you check in. Be sure to carry any medications or inhalers you might need during the run. We have people with medical experience on course with basic first aid supplies at aid stations (including oxygen). Although we have medical staff available, know that evacuation from any point along the course will be a slow and difficult process (typically involving a horse ride out). This is a remote, wilderness event and should be approached with preparation, caution and care. We expect you to be self-sufficient and responsible on race day.