The Sierra Andina Chavín Trail (SACT) is a demanding trail running event. With the extremely high elevation and the remote nature during the majority of the races, this event is not to be taken lightly. Although, compared to many mountain trail races out there today, our races do not have a huge amount of elevation gain but do visit elevations higher than most have ever run before. On top of this, long sections of the course are inaccessible to any kind of vehicle transport in the event of an emergency. Because of this, we expect all participants to show up well prepared for this terrain and environment. This is a remote wilderness event and it should be approached with preparation, caution, and care. Although we have medical personnel, food, drinks, and other supplies at all aid station, we expect all participants to be self-sufficient and responsible on race day.


Please show up for this race prepared and acclimatized! The Sierra Andina Chavín Trail courses reachs elevations of 4,700m! With this in mind we recommend that all participants spend at least 3-5 days in the Huaraz/ Cordillera Blanca area prior to the race. Racing at this elevation is a serious undertaking that should not be taken lightly. Improper acclimatization before the race could cause serious or deadly altitude related illnesses such as high altitude pulmonary and cerebral edema (HAPE and HACE). Although we have medical staff available at aid stations, know that evacuation from any point along the course will be a slow and difficult process.

We highly recommend spending time prior to the race visiting and exercising at elevations similar to or higher than your SACT course. With easy access to hikes and runs in Huascarán National Park above Huaraz, this is the perfect place to prepare for the race. Please see the list of recommended outings in the 'Logistics' section for great day trip ideas in the Huaraz vicinity. With proper forethought and acclimatization the SACT is an incredibly enjoyable event. PLAN AHEAD!